Comfort, quality, relaxed practicality...

We make tables in numerous designs and can be very flexible in mixing design elements to create a unique piece for you. Comfortable and sociable eating around a table that you can relax with and not worry about, is our goal. We have no interest in making tables that say 'don't touch!...don't spill!'

Our tables range from the traditional to the contemporary designs, always featuring beautifully figured timbers, and now with the addition of forged/stainless steel and glass in our newer designs.

Details of individual items, with dimensions & prices, coming soon. 


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Seeing is believing...

You are invited to see, touch and seek inspiration, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 5pm (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY), when expert guidance will always be on hand. We are also available outside these hours by appointment only. There is ample on site parking and a cup of tea, coffee, or something stronger is always on offer.

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