‘Colour at Christmas’

Hello again!

Apologies for the ‘radio silence’ over the past many months… apart from announcing the new website etc…it’s been a hectic period, what with one thing and another.  The good news is that now that the new site is up and running, your correspondent intends (has the best of intentions!)… to blog  more regularly….so here we go….

The festive period is upon us and we will be staging another of our ‘Colour at Christmas’ exhibitions, running from Sat Dec 2nd to Sat Dec 23rd.  We will be open Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays 11.00 – 5.00.

The exhibition features :



Garry Jones – ceramics to make you smile and laugh out loud.  The crazy world of Garry Jones features hares and other animals in the strangest contexts….



Claire Francis – Salt Cellar Hats…

‘kooky’ hats in velvets silks, faux fur etc to keep your head warm and to help you stand out from the crowd….


Michael Harris – Precious Metal…a photographic study of vintage lead cast toys, a photographic study of vintage lead cast toys, much loved but often confined to the attic, rarely recognised for their unwavering and selfless service to childhood dreams….photographed from different angles and perspectives, they look like heroes of a bygone era…


On the theme of hares, we recently sponsored, ‘Ronnie’, painted by Rod Craig as part of the Cotswold March Hare Trail. At the end of the festival, all 80 large hares and some 30 leverets were auctioned for charity and somehow, Ronnie came home to Chipping Norton and brought some of his biggest and best buddies with him, so you can now enjoy a little hop around our ‘Hare Garden’ and check out their various stories…

Special Sale of accessories and artworks

To accompany the exhibition, we will also be holding a special sale of accessories and artworks…perfect presents to yourself…or for others…

….and of course, there will be a warm welcome from Scrumpie-Pup and a cup of tea, coffee or mulled wine will be on offer!

We hope to see you soon!

Season’s greetings



Insider tip…visit us after dark to see our lovingly restored former Coaching Inn gorgeously lit up in swathes of blue light!

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