Coffee tables & Scrumpie in a mad mad world

Gate leg coffee table, Scrumpie, traditional upholstered armchair in a mad, mad world...

Hello again…it’s been a while…too long really…but there’s always something to be getting on with, which keeps me from ‘the blog’!  Another photo shoot with Scrumpie-pup has produced some great results and although the crop has gone wrong on this photo, in uploading onto the website, I hope you enoy the image.

Scrumps is 18 months old now and a joy (when she is not tearing the contents of the waste bin to shreds, stealing customers’ gloves etc.).  We are about to take our ‘Good Citizen’ bronze test, so watch this space.

Why is it a mad, mad world???  Read on to find out… although I am sure you all have your own, entirely relevant answer, probably better than mine….ah yes…and to find out about the ‘gate leg coffee table’…business is business, after all….

(small intermission for opening red wine)

“As we enter a new decade in a world where values have literally been turned on their head, we believe more and more in the importance of surrounding yourself with things that have longevity and simply make you feel good!  We believe our furniture is special and will do just that, for you…”

The paragraph above is taken from our new brochure supplement, about to be published…please e mail if you would like a copy!  The world does seem to ‘have been turned on its head’!!!  There are so many strange ‘goings on’ and we now seem to be in the thrall of the ‘big election’… it really possible that Gordon will get to stay at No 10 after all the events of the past two years??? …are the ‘team in waiting’ really ‘up to the mark’???  Will Vince get to be Chancellor somehow???
All these and more questions will be answered soon…but in the meantime, lets spare a thought for the people of Haiti…..Iraq…..Afghanistan……our troops…..our children……a woman whose car can be pushed down a Motorway infront of a speeding truck for over a minute without the driver of the truck noticing anything untoward (check out Youtube – Clio driver)….
£1,000 fines for putting out the wrong bin on the right day, or the right bin on the wrong day….£££ spent at Cheltenham races….£££ given for Sport Relief when everyone is feeling the pinch (amazing!!)….the news that the recession is ‘over’ ???…. the news that we are going to have a ‘double dip’???…that house prices are going to fall again???…that the housing market has firmed up and is looking positive???…that global warming is entirely unconnected to current practices???…that we all have to change our ways, otherwise we are doomed???…
It’s all a bit confusing and a lot ‘mad’….so , before I take ‘the Scrumpie-pup’ out for a late evening stroll, I shall try and concentrate on ‘the here and now’ which is to tell you about our lovely gate leg coffee table…..
in fact I will simply copy the lovely Rachel’s press release:
“The double Gate Leg Coffee Table from The Real Wood Furniture Company provides a striking focal point for any room. In a design inspired by a grand gate leg dinning table dating back to the 1700’s, this 21st Century version offers classic elegance as well as the practicalities needed for modern living. It is versatile in size, folding out from 48” by 14” to a grand 48” by 40”, as well as being resilient for every day use thanks to its highly polished burr oak surface. The multitude of legs that are integral to a gate leg design, whilst sometimes a hindrance for diners around a dinning table, are celebrated here in this scaled down version, where the intricately turned legs act as the perfect platform for the solid piece of figurred burr oak they support.

As with the entire collection, each piece is hand made in this country, using English timber from sustainable sources. Every table is completely unique due to the hand planning, finishing and the specific selection of the oak timbers at the beginning of the making process. This table can also be made to any size, in a variety of finishes.”

There you have it…available to view in our showrooms, obviously… where you are always welcome to browse and enjoy and where you will always be made welcome by ourselves and Scrumpie.

More news soon, about our planned ‘on line’ shop for some of our lovely accessories ( -opening June 2010- and about our 10th anniversary celebration, later in 2010, of being on our current site.  …..where do the years go??
In the meantime….take a deep breath, hold hard and smile… might be ‘mad’ out there, but…. the future is bright…the future is real…the future is wood…..and some…..

Until next time..


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