“The king is dead…long live the king”

Scrumpie-pup sleeps

It’s a very hot Monday and time to write my very first ‘blog’ for The Real Wood site…quite exciting…ok, so I am 2 or 3 years behind the times and should probably be ‘twittering’ or fiddling with Face Book, but I am not!

Well, for my first blog, I am going to take you back in time……. And then tell you about something new….

If you have ever visited our lovely showrooms in Woodstock, it will be odds on that you have been greeted (as well as by ourselves, I hope) by a friendly canine.

You will see from our website and brochure that ‘Billie-dog’ features ‘large’….and what a lovely and faithful dog she was! I use the past tense and regretfully have to report, for those of you who don’t know, that Billie passed on to the great furniture shop in the sky, in April 2007. After much grieving and a respectful period without the patter of furry feet, 8 week old ‘Scrumpie-pup’ was collected from a nice family in Abingdon at the end of September 2008 and installed in her new domain. (‘The king is dead, long live the king’…or I suppose in this instance…‘the queen is dead, long live the queen’ is more apt.)

I will update with more photos of our new ‘boss’ as the weeks go by. She is, I hope, almost fully grown now, but it seems appropriate to start the ball rolling with a ‘ball of fluff’ photo, surely guaranteed to melt all but the hardest of hearts!

‘And what of the furniture business??’ …you might ask. We have some exciting new additions to our furniture collection, (photos to follow shortly), a completely new lay out to the showrooms and the opening of ‘The Sculpture Garden’ on Saturday July 4th. We are starting with pieces by some talented emerging artists, including :

Michael Harris, Sophie Thompson, Richard Fox and Linzi Evans. Their work incorporates the use of many recycled and new materials, including, steel, stone, wire, wood etc., providing us with an eclectic mix of visual and tactile delights.

You are welcome to join us on the 4th (for a glass of something) or at any time thereafter to wander ‘The Sculpture Garden’ which sits directly at the back of our showrooms. Sit a while, relax, look…listen and enjoy.

See you soon!


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