Our Workshop is where the real magic happens. Time served craftsmen with skills honed over many years work alongside younger makers who bring innovation and dynamism to the mix.

woodworking tools wood furniture craftsmanship
craftsman in workshop at Real Wood Furniture Company

Our polishing team then bring to the fore the beauty of the grain of the timbers, all contributing to the realisation of Chris' exacting specifications.

We use many traditional methods and techniques whilst utilising contemporary machinery and methods developed within our workshop practice to help the process of making. We still cut dove tail joints by hand for instance, and use a rudimentary steam cabinet for bending parts of our chairs, including many parts for our Windsor chairs.

At The Real Wood Furniture Company we are proud to be keeping these traditional skills alive, making furniture in Britain with pride and passion...and handing these skills down to the next generations.

Seeing is believing...

You are invited to see, touch and seek inspiration, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 5pm (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY), when expert guidance will always be on hand. We are also available outside these hours by appointment only. There is ample on site parking and a cup of tea, coffee, or something stronger is always on offer.

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