All of the wood in our furniture is sustainably sourced and we are committed to ensuring the survival of woodland areas. We understand that through careful management and correct harvesting, future generations can continue to enjoy Britain's forests.

Sustainable Temp

The best way to ensure the survival of woodland areas is by careful management and harvesting. The felling of mature trees allows space for fresh planting; saplings that will absorb carbon and grow eventually into mature trees ensure that the cycle is never broken and that future generations will be able to enjoy woodland and its harvest.

The EU has introduced legal measures to protect its woodlands and forests, and each year, more trees are planted than felled. To this end, we only buy timber from environmentally responsible and managed sources and wherever possible we use FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified timber. We only use timber grown on mainland Britain which reduces transport associated environmental impact to a minimum.

The company is proud to be a founder member of Woodland Heritage, a charity dedicated to increasing the woodland area in the UK. In our local area we are also sponsors of The Wychwood Project which looks after woodland and conservation issues throughout West Oxfordshire.

Interesting fact: In the restoration of our new showrooms we have used the best colour rendering LED lightbulbs. 400 Soraa bulbs illuminate the showrooms and exterior of the building with a minimal electricity consumption.

Seeing is believing...

Our showrooms are now closed and remaining stock, both new and pre-owned is listed under 'STOCK'. Pieces may be viewed by appointment only. We will be holding an exhibition later this year featuring some new pieces, new art and some remaining stock. Please subscribe to our mail list to receive updates.

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