Made and Grown in Britain

We pride ourselves on using timber indigenous to these shores. We only buy British grown timbers from reputable suppliers who embrace the same ethics as ourselves. Buying British, often from sources close by, we keep our carbon footprint small, whilst availing ourselves of the finest quality timbers. British made in England with pride and passion.

Grown in Britain

We are pleased to report that some gorgeous wide plank elm has come on stream from Scotland. This comes from trees grown in the far North. Their hardy nature and location enabled them to escape the ravages of Dutch elm disease.

Beyond that, we have recently been able to source very interesting English walnut to complement the rich burr oak that has been our signature timber for many a year. All these timbers are only available to us through relationships, nurtured over many years, with reputable British timber suppliers. Much of this timber travels only a short distance to our Oxfordshire based workshop where most of our furniture is crafted.

Seeing is believing...

You are invited to see, touch and seek inspiration, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 5pm (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY), when expert guidance will always be on hand. We are also available outside these hours by appointment only. There is ample on site parking and a cup of tea, coffee, or something stronger is always on offer.

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