The company first started by making chairs in 1989. Chris explains:

“Some of my American antique dealer clients were finding the antique sets of chairs I was offering them, too expensive and too uncomfortable, so I was charged with doing something about it!...which I did!...

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showroom of oak furniure at Real Wood Furniture Company

Thus the first chairs we made were based on the best features of the many thousands of antique chairs that had passed through my hands, but with recognition of the demands of comfort and the size and shape of late 20th century man and woman.

From that point, we moved on to making dining and occasional tables and then dressers and cabinets, using classic traditional designs as our starting point, but always with an eye on practical usage and good proportion”.

Quickly the company moved onto serving a direct retail clientele which beyond the traditional allowed for a much broader design canvas.

Here, Chris’ love of the simplicity of early Chinese furniture design, Arts and Craft’s furniture and his passion for beautifully grained English timbers began to find expression.

Fast forward to 2017 and the company now offers a wide selection of hand crafted furniture for every room in the home, using timbers of exquisite beauty, and sometimes also glass and hand forged steel in the creation of a truly unique collection.

Seeing is believing...

Our showrooms are now closed and remaining stock, both new and pre-owned is listed under 'STOCK'. Pieces may be viewed by appointment only. We will be holding an exhibition later this year featuring some new pieces, new art and some remaining stock. Please subscribe to our mail list to receive updates.

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