There are numerous 'elements' to our business and in this section you can explore more about the way we work and about the ethos, values, and history of the company.

In our business practice, we value great craftsmanship, quality, the finest materials and attention to detail. We are proud to still be hand-making in Britain with a small team which draws on the best skills of time served craftsmen and the energy and dynamism of youth.

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We pride ourselves on producing furniture that has been designed and crafted in Britain using exclusively sustainably sourced British hardwoods. We are committed to ensuring the survival of woodland areas whose future is safe guarded by careful management and correct harvesting, thus giving future generations the opportunity to enjoy Britain's forests.

Since the company first started making furniture in 1989, founder and principal, Chris Baylis, has allowed his passion for form and design to steer the creative direction of the company.

We encourage you to visit our showrooms soon...to appreciate the breadth and beauty of our work...to browse, seek inspiration, touch and enjoy...

Seeing is believing...

Our showrooms are now closed and remaining stock, both new and pre-owned is listed under 'STOCK'. Pieces may be viewed by appointment only. We will be holding an exhibition later this year featuring some new pieces, new art and some remaining stock. Please subscribe to our mail list to receive updates.

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