English Walnut

Hard, but not as hard as oak, with sweeping curves in the grain. Typically used for gun stocks and ‘fine’ furniture, we use it for drawer fronts, panels, feature table tops, etc - a mixture of browns, greys, and honey cream.

walnut tree for making beautiful walnut furniture

English Walnut in particular (along side some grown in Italy), is considered to be one of the most beautiful timbers for furniture making. Its most common use is when presented as a veneer (normally burr walnut) in the making of fine formal furniture.

We however, use solid walnut which although rarely evidencing burr, has a rare beauty. It is not grown commercially in this country, so supplies are limited and of varying quality. We seek out in particular, butts / planks with sweeping flow to the grain with variation of colour from deep brown, to grey, to cream.

Seeing is believing...

Our showrooms are now closed and remaining stock, both new and pre-owned is listed under 'STOCK'. Pieces may be viewed by appointment only. We will be holding an exhibition later this year featuring some new pieces, new art and some remaining stock. Please subscribe to our mail list to receive updates.

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